Treatment of Eye Disease

With years of experience along with the latest instrumentation, our doctors can promptly diagnose and treat most medical eye conditions right in-office.

Based on your diagnosis, we may recommend a variety of treatment approaches – contact lenses, prescription medicines, therapy and vision training, medical procedures, or referrals for more advanced care if needed. Whatever we recommend, you can be assured that your visual health and wellness is our top priority.

Here are the medical eye problems we have the ability to treat and manage in our office:

·         Allergies

·         Blepharitis

·         Cataract

·         Corneal abrasion

·         Corneal ulcer

·         Diabetic eye exams

·         Dry eye

·         Eye tracking/coordination

·         Macular degeneration

·         Refractive surgery (LASIK) co-management

·         Strabismus (cross-eye)

·         Amblyopia (lazy eye)

·         Glaucoma

·         Retinal Degenerations